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From time to time, we all need to consider if we are heading in the right direction, there are frequently opportunities to make a change and get onto another safety route to head towards where you would like to be.

As you can see from our graphic above there are clearly places in health and safety where you would prefer not find yourself and there are directions which you would rather not be heading. Just think for a minute – are you heading in the right direction or do you require assistance to get on the right safety route?

Follow each of the lines though and you will see like any journey, there are places where you can make choices. We can help you make these choices and get you towards your desired destination.

At Safety Coaching we specialise in helping develop new habits in health and safety through the following activities:-

  • Training course design and delivery – whether face to face, virtual classroom or e-learning we can design the solutions to fit for your needs – such as training in your internal processes or making sure your messages are delivered consistently
  • Coaching and mentoring support – group or individual sessions either face to face or delivered online to help recognise and improve safety performance of team members, following up and challenging the current states to ensure a sustainable safety improvement
  • Health and safety consultancy – assisting you to develop new approaches, systems or procedures to improve engagement and effectiveness of your teams. We have specialists with a background in range of high risk environments such as mining, manufacturing, construction and waste management
  • Behavioural engagement – working with your teams to understand the present and potential situations through discussions with the people within your operations. Providing positive feedback and challenging performance levels to ensure continual improvement and drive safety performance

Above is an example game to promote involvement in the manufacturing sector, designed by Safety Coaching. Each team rolls a dice to answer a selection of questions based on hazards, best practices, CPD, maintenance, legal awareness and ‘what would you do next?’ These techniques receive superb feedback and ensure excellent involvement throughout, even it is does get very competitive!!

We work closely with our local artist to help produce hazard awareness pictures in relation to the experiences you may have been involved with or the hazards identified as part of your local risk assessment process. This approach has seen significant benefits throughout our work in UK & Europe, USA, South America, Indonesia, Russia and India.

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