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Mining is one of the most dangerous sectors to work within and there are many examples of extremely serious safety incidents occurring, which unfortunately we hear about all too often.

Health and safety in mining industry is therefore a key area for development and must be a high priority for all companies working in this sector.

Safety Mining training can be divided into two distinct categories.  The first category relates to the safety structures and procedures that your company needs to implement for all of the people working for you, both employees and contractors, who are performing quarrying or mining operations.  The second category, safety in surface mining, refers to the health and safety practices required for those people involved in open-pit mining.

Safety Coaching is able to provide effective safety solutions for all areas within the mining industry as they have an outstanding knowledge of the sector having worked with mining companies for over 20 years. Their experience and understanding of a range of roles within the industry, including managerial and safety professional, provides an in-depth knowledge of the sector that can be used to develop effective safety procedures for your mining business.

One of the best and most effective ways to promote safety in mining industry is through a range of coaching and mentoring techniques to ensure that all of the people who work for your company are up to date with the latest health and safety techniques to drive zero harm in the mining industry. Safety Coaching can provide both of these services to help create a zero harm culture within your organisation.
Safety Coaching uses coaching and mentoring techniques to help embed good safety practices in your organisation by focusing on the role of your Senior Management team. Senior Management must be fully on board with the required changes to embed safety within your organisation and they must be able to communicate the importance of safety in the mining industry to all of the people working for you.
Safety Coaching can also provide bespoke training services, acting as mentors for key personnel responsible for health and safety within your company to ensure that safety is at the heart of your business delivery.

The reason that coaching and mentoring works so well is that it provides highly personalised one to one training to those people within your organisation who need to effectively communicate and deliver your safety needs. A bespoke coaching service allows Safety Coaching to assess the individual training needs for your company and ensure that it meets the specific needs of the mining industry.
An organisation that achieves a zero harm culture will also see the added benefit of increased productivity as there will be less sick leave due to injuries incurred at work.

One of the other ways in which Safety Coaching can help promote safety in the mining industry is through bespoke safety training courses. Safety Coaching’s training courses focus on learner engagement through group interaction and follow up actions after course completion. An example course offered specifically for surface mining is their IOSH Working Safely for Quarries and Surface Mining Operations (a one-day course). This course is an access course for those people new to the industry and unfamiliar with its safety hazards. It is not PowerPoint based but instead uses group participation to ensure that all of the people within the group engage with the learning process and are able to take on board the essential safety messages delivered on the course. The course has been generically designed without reference to specific legal requirements so is an ideal choice for companies with a global mining operation as its safety messages are relevant to all of the people you have working for you, both employees and contractors, across the globe.

Chris Wainwright, Director at the Longcliffe group commented ‘I have worked with Safety Coaching for many years, having previously worked alongside them and was already aware of their considerable strengths in the training and coaching field.
He was therefore the obvious choice when it came to selecting a provider to roll out a 1 day “IOSH Working Safely in Quarries” to our workforce.

Whilst the syllabus is clearly defined by IOSH, the course was designed in a bespoke fashion, dispensing with Powerpoints in favour of pictorial material.

In addition to the hardware, Safety Coaching dealt sensitively with the wide range of abilities, and was able to get the best out of everyone by focussing on their key practical areas of knowledge, ie working in quarries

The outcome was a major success with excellent engagement and participation, and a 100% pass rat’e. Click on the following link for further information on how Safety Coaching can help your organisation’s safety in mining:

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