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(health and) safety strategy can be designed to incorporate many different elements essential to developing your organisation’s zero harm culture. One element that needs to be at the heart of your strategy is your safety management strategy, as this places a major part of the development of your safety culture directly in the hands of management.

In order to implement change companies need to show great leadership in safety throughout all management and supervisory levels. Employees are more engaged in safety where they are provided with sound leadership and clear expectations regards the levels of safety performance required. Empty gestures and words will not lead to a secure and effective safety strategy for your company and could lead to a disengaged workforce.  Your company can achieve positive safety change through a visible safety leadership at all levels, this ensures that the people working for your company, including both employees and contractors, can easily recognise and work to the safety standards set for your organisation.

Developing an effective safety culture a leadership approach becomes an essential part in any company’s tool-kit for ensuring they can embed a lasting zero harm culture within their organisation.

Safety Coaching are able to help your Senior management team develop  or further embed a safety leadership approach through a bespoke safety leadership training programme that consists of through group training, personal coaching and leadership mentoring.

Coaching is a key element of the training provided by Safety Coaching and their confidential coaching service ensures they can develop a close working relationship with your Senior management team. Safety Coaching challenge your leadership through asking tough questions of your management team, allowing them to create a safe and confidential environment in which they can get right to the heart of the issues that need to be resolved. The coaching will focus on how your business is currently operating, to identify areas that work well, and to see if things can be done differently to identify a clear sustainable safety plan within your company.

Our coaches will demonstrate how constructive feedback can be used to challenge negative behaviour and attitudes of the people who work with your company towards health and safety. They will develop your Senior management’s communication and inter-personal skills to help them manage relationships with key personnel, such as contractors, to ensure that they fully understand the safety performance levels expected when they work for your company.  Finally, the coaches will assess and develop individual leadership competencies to help your leadership team improve the way they present themselves to others as this can have a massive impact on the effectiveness of your safety messages.

Mentoring can also be offered to all of the people within your management structure. Safety Coaching’s mentoring service offers highly knowledgeable mentors who can help a key member of your management team to develop their knowledge and skills in a short period of time. This service is often useful in organisations where a member of your senior team is newly appointed to a position and is unsure of the requirements they need to meet regarding safety. It can also be used if your company has tried and failed to reinforce safety messages and needs to find new ways to improve safety within your organisation.

Safety Coaching’s mentoring service also extends to helping your management team become mentors themselves within your organisation, creating a long term mentoring structure. This aspect of sustainability is very important, as once you have put safety leadership into practice; you need to ensure that you can maintain it in the long term to gain the full rewards of a zero harm culture.

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