Vocational Qualifications

Delivering industry leading sector specific vocational qualifications for the Mineral Products sector

How we can help develop the competence of your team

Safety Coaching have been involved in the delivery of vocational qualifications for a number of years, both through our own dedicated vocational qualification centre and through helping other centres with their delivery and assessment processes.

At Safety Coaching we firmly believe that vocational qualification delivery should be based entirely to suit the learners needs, not to suit the assessor.

As all our vocational qualification assessors have held roles as operational managers previously. Due to their experience can put themselves into the shoes of each learner and make sure the qualification is delivered at the pace which suits them.

Working with the learner in mind. Always.

What are the benefits of completing a vocational qualification with Safety Coaching?

An initial assessment is carried out with each learner prior to starting the qualification to identify any potential gaps against the qualification and suggest CPD to fill gaps

Complete the knowledge elements of the qualification via and interactive knowledge workshop, discussing your answers, rather than wasting hours writing or typing them. Saving you time

Virtual assessment opportunities – remote discussions with your assessor as well as site-based assessment visits

Full electronic portfolio entirely managed by your assessor, not you

A range of templates to help you prepare evidence for assessment visits

Detailed feedback on progress provided by our assessors to your line managers

Modern technology techniques used to provide evidence, rather than reliance on dated techniques

Proven assessors with year’s of experience of the roles being assessed, helping learners through coaching and mentoring as they progress throughout their qualification

Our assessors understand that each person has different needs, tailoring our assessment programs to meet all different learning needs

Innovative initial e-learning induction, including a Q&A to answer all your initial questions and explain the process we will follow

About our qualifications

All our mineral products vocational qualifications are delivered through our own centre through our awarding organisation, MP Awards.

It is a common misconception that the qualifications are just for quarries, this is not correct.

The qualifications are equally applicable to all part of the mineral products sector. We will help you select the correct qualifications and the correct pathway as part of understanding your specific needs.

Our qualifications are available to be delivered across the following types of mineral products operation:

  • Quarries – both hardrock and sand/ gravel
  • Cement
  • Asphalt
  • Readymix concrete
  • Mineral processing
  • Packed products
  • Blocks and precast
  • Brick and tile
  • Dimensional stone

Management and Supervisory Qualifications

MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Supervising Mineral Products Operations

Level 4 Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management in Mineral Product Operations

Level 6 Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management in Mineral Product Operations

Other vocational qualifications

MPQC Level 3 Geotechnical Knowledge for Managing Mineral Processing Operations
MPQC Level 3 Award in Supervision of Isolation and Lock Out Activities

Why choose Safety Coaching?

We aim to forge strong working relationships with all customers through first class customer service to assist you in achieving excellence in Occupational Health and Safety.

Our customers say

I approached Safety Coaching when we were looking to raise the bar for our mobile plant operators. They helped us create structure and detail to our new mobile plant training initiative. This has revolutionised our mobile plant assessment process that has increased the standards of our operators, increased productivity, reduced costs and minimised duplication.

Matt Gibbs

Operations Competency Manager

Tarmac Group

Successfully growing and developing a business is exciting for everybody involved, but it always brings with it a change in risks and in our case this was particularly evident in health and safety. Having Rob and Simon from Safety Coaching on the team was a great way to bring experience, creativity and increased momentum to the project.

Owen Michaelson

Former CEO

Harworth Group plc

I have worked with Safety Coaching closely for a number of years in various roles. I have always been very impressed with their vast knowledge of industry health and safety 

Paul Bradley

Group Health & Safety Manager

Myers Group

Safety Coaching developed a comprehensive program for improving construction safety in large construction projects, where we typically employ up to 3,000 workers. Participants from all over the world (Switzerland, India, Brazil, Russia, US, Ecuador, Indonesia) are implementing the practical, hands on concepts to improve our construction safety track record.

Roberto Nores

Head of CAPEX Project Management Office

Holcim Group

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