Geotechnical Awareness

Geotechnical Awareness - Safety Coaching

The first people to spot issues are the people working on the job. This photo-based awareness program provides a vital insight into what to look for and what happens when it goes wrong. Please note this course contains information for both hardrock and sand/ gravel environments.

  • Different rock types, changes that occur and potential ‘behaviour’
  • When it goes wrong
  • Quarries Regulations 1999 – initial information
  • How folding and faulting occurs – simplified
  • Spotting of features in faces – particularly jointing
  • Different types of failure mode – how to identify
  • Common features in Limestones – clays, washouts, sinkholes etc
  • Haul road safety
  • Use and control of rock-traps
  • Basic quarry design
  • Working near water
  • Older faces and faces near plants
  • Positioning of items e.g. Pumps
  • Stockpile safety
  • Effects of blasting
  • RIDDOR reportable Dangerous Occurrences and Major Injuries
  • Basic requirements of Quarries Regulations for Quarry Operatives