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Helping you choose the right person to help you deliver sustainable changes in Safety performance

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Over the last 20 years we have worked with hundreds of safety professionals in a variety of different environments, one fact is this –  if you want to improve your safety performance you have to have the right people to fit with your organizational maturity on safety and the right people in order to influence key decision makers.

Many organisations struggle to place the right person in the position due to a number of factors , getting the wrong person can significantly stall your safety improvement plan and in some instances can set it back a number of years, here are some of the common problems organizations experience during the recruitment of a good safety professional:-

  • People are normally selected solely on technical skill in safety, rather than a combination of technical capability and interpersonal skill to influence key decision makers and drive performance
  • Lack of planning or understanding on the key fundamentals of the role in order to provoke change – good job specifications and person profiles are essential
  • Think differently through the recruitment process and concentrate on previous experience with associated organisations from the same sector, rather than what the person can actually achieve for your company
  • Personnel selected are not provided with clear instructions and mentoring with regards to what is required to gain the required shift in safety performance
  • No development plans are placed to challenge individuals to continually improve, some believe this is nice comfortable, ‘easy’ role which will suit them until their retirement comes around!

We can help you search, select, interview and place the right person for your organization. If required we can also assist with their long term development in order to make a lasting sustainable difference to both your teams and your safety culture.

Safety Coaching can help you within all aspects of your recruitment and selection of a first class safety professional who can help you change and become a key trusted member of your senior management team and decision strategy.

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