Lasting mentoring discussions

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From time to time we all need the support of mentor, to either ask an opinion with regards a potential improvement or seek further suggestions on how to improve in a particular area.

At Safety Coaching we provide a safety mentoring service to all levels of your management structure. Sessions can be held either accompanied at site, through face to face meetings, or through video conferencing. Our aim is to build a strong working relationship with you very early during our working together. We believe in having open and transparent conversions and developing our relationship so you feel you can discuss anything relating to Occupational and Safety. Our previous working relationships with clients often lead to lasting mentoring discussions, some also frequently ask for mentoring in other business areas in addition to just safety.

As well as acting as your own personal or company safety mentor, we also help create a company culture of safety mentoring by assisting you in the development of your own mentoring programs and helping provide the necessary skills to your teams in order to start delivering results. This helps with the continual professional development of your own internal team and can provide a lasting legacy for the future.

Our services can be offered to any position within any organisation, we commonly get requests to provide private support to Senior Management personnel who have found themselves in the position but often do not really understand the key fundamentals of good safety management or have never had it formally explained, for example a Senior Manager being put into a position with operational and safety accountability from a previous financial position. Our commitment to you through our mentoring relationship is that all engagements will be provided with strict confidentially and discreetly where required.

From our experience here are example areas where our mentoring services have helped:-

  • My team have plateaued, they would benefit from a discussion to reach the next stage
  • I’m unsure what to do next in relation to my own professional development
  • I am in a new position but I am little confused by some of tasks I have to complete but I don’t want to ask the safety department as I’m embarrassed
  • What’s behavioural safety? How do I do it?
  • I’m experiencing some pressure from my boss or enforcing body I’m not sure how I should manage it
  • I have tried everything with this guy on safety he just doesn’t get it!

If you or one of your colleagues needs assistance or you feel that they would benefit from some specialist support please give us a call for a no obligation discussion. It might just be the best call you make this month.