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Harworth Estates

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Harworth Group case study
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    Harworth Estates

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    Safety Coaching

Harworth Estates is one of the largest property and regeneration companies across the North of England and the Midlands, owning and managing 30,000 acres across 200 sites.

The business works closely with local communities, public bodies, developers and other professionals to bring life to old brownfield sites and turn derelict land into employment areas, new homes, low carbon energy & environmental projects and places where people want to be.  Their flagship sites, such as Waverley in Rotherham and Logistics North in Bolton, are of national economic significance and are at the forefront of the regeneration of the UK.

As the company started to deliver on its ambitious growth strategy, for its staff and for the employees of the consultants and sub-contractors that it employed, there was a widening of the activities they were undertaking.  This was in two key areas; the start of investment in construction and a significant increase in the level of demolition and material processing.

The CEO of Harworth Estates knew that the new activities would bring new operating risks.  He also recognised that success often brings with it a culture of complacency and that here the challenge is to continue to maintain standards.  He employed Safety Coaching to address these issues and at the same time support him leading a step change in the business’s awareness and approach to health and safety.   His vision is to make Harworth Estates the leader on safety amongst its pier group.
Safety Coaching’s work was made up of:

  • Undertaking a review of the business’s safety culture and recommending a plan to start to generate the desired step change.
  • Coaching and mentoring the Executive Directors and other key senior managers on safety leadership.
  • Mentoring members of the safety team on the part they play in supporting the development of safety leadership.
  • Supporting the safety team to produce procedures for the new activities that the business would be undertaking.


“Successfully growing and developing a business is exciting for everybody involved, but it always brings with it a change in risks and in our case this was particularly evident in health and safety. Having Rob and Simon from Safety Coaching on the team was a great way to bring experience, creativity and increased momentum to the project. They both have a very healthy balance of honesty, straightforwardness and integrity. This meant that, amongst my team, pressure was felt, work was done and then change started to happen. But at the same time my team had figured out the personal role they each needed to play and so remained focused and motivated”.

Owen Michaelson, CEO Harworth Estates Ltd