Isolation and Lock-Out of Machinery

Training Courses | Safety Coaching

Fully interactive course with a number of practical exercises and equipment to demonstrate safe isolation and lock-out techniques


Aimed at any level of your company


approx. 6 Hours


8 to 12

Please note this is awareness training and not a substitution for local training in specific isolation and lock-out procedures

  • Different hazardous energy types which can be found in the sector Multiple energy sources and how they can be controlled.
  • Upstream and downstream energy sources
  • Labelling of isolators and machinery and of which actions to take where labels are missing or illegible
  • Lock-Out equipment – an introduction to their use, using demonstration
  • Emergency stop devices – why they must not be used for isolation
  • Roles involved and the core responsibility of each role to ensure safe isolation and lock-out of machinery
  • Sequence of steps to achieve safe isolation and lock-out and the role of the isolation officer / controller/ owner
  • Importance of the test function in the sequence of steps
  • What could potentially go wrong with equipment and measures to control this
  • Sequence of steps to achieve complex isolation and lock-out
  • Activities requiring isolation and lock-out and which actions to take if unsure
  • Productions stops – control and use
  • Diagnostic testing – use as a last resort and control by permit to work
  • Interlock devices, light curtains and mechan systems – problems and issues
  • Isolation and lock-out procedures
  • Forced lock removal – process steps and control
  • Periodic inspections and pre-use visual inspections for isolation and lock out equipment
  • Potential consequences of failing to follow isolation and lock-out of machinery