IOSH Leading Safely

IOSH Leading Safely | Safety Coaching

Responsible leaders recognise the importance of health and safety – within five hours we can help you gain a clear understanding of the strategic importance of occupational health and safety, tailored to your business.

This course will provide techniques to improve your safety performance which in turn provides benefits for improving productivity, increasing profits, enhancing your corporate reputation and strengthening your brand. Leading from the front with enhanced safety and health practices could be the best investment you make.

IOSH approved Working Safely courses designed specifically for your company or the sector where you operate. Courses are entirely interactive and can be tailored to include specific industry or company information against the IOSH syllabus.

Course Content

  • Recognising the value of strategic safety and health and its integration into business management systems and performance management systems
  • Understanding your health and safety responsibilities, and how to apply them
  • Appreciating the consequences of poor health and safety
  • Planning the overall strategy for health and safety in your organisation
  • Understanding the importance of adequately resourcing your health and safety management system
  • Knowing why you should monitor and review your health and safety performance, and some techniques to consider


Benefits of Attendance

  • Sharpens your skill-set and makes you a more effective leader
  • Creates understanding of good practice from around the world
  • Enabled bench-marking of your performance against others
  • Thought provoking health and safety vision
  • Identifying steps to achieve health and safety vision