Hazardous Substances and Dust

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Interactive course delivered with a number of different exercises from the start. A major focus area for any sector is occupational health controls, including hazardous materials and exposure to dust.

IOSH approved Working Safely courses designed specifically for your company or the sector where you operate. Courses are entirely interactive and can be tailored to include specific industry or company information against the IOSH syllabus.

  • Awareness of the different types of hazardous substances
  • HAZCHEM labels and how to identify levels of risk
  • How to obtain material safety datasheets and how to interpret the information provided
  • How to complete a COSHH assessment and how to cross reference to MSDS
  • How to use a basic COSHH assessment using the HSE process
  • Basic understanding of REACH and employer requirements
  • Different types of PPE and the importance of selection
  • How dust is generated
  • Locations where dust may be concentrated
  • Different levels of silica in different materials, also how exposure may change
  • Effects that exposure to dust could have on people
  • Available dust control techniques
  • How to check a dust mask, how to wear it correctly and store it correctly
  • Reasons why vacuuming systems must be used
  • Monitoring techniques, dust monitoring reports and current workplace exposure limits
  • Basic controls in relation to mobile plant and how behaviour can increase exposure
  • HSE COSHH essentials and where to locate them