Behavioural Safety Interactions

Safety Coaching Academy Game

Interactive course starting with basics of interactions, building up to influencing techniques. Site practical with personnel discussions to embed understanding and provide personal coaching opportunities

  • Understanding unsafe acts –reasoning and reaction to intervention
  • ABC of human behaviour & worked examples
  • How safety cultural maturity is developed
  • Critical behaviours for leadership levels
  • Use of open and closed questioning techniques
  • Questioning to understand the power of tailored thought-provoking questions
  • ‘Why’ – the unhelpful question
  • Use of speech, eyes and posture to understand and influence
  • Active listening – use of key words
  • 6-step behavioural interaction process & worked examples
  • Using reflective practice for continual improvement
  • Planning of behavioural safety interactions to evaluate culture levels
  • Safe working index – effective use as a leading indicator
  • Practical site-based session on practicing techniques, personal coaching and development
  • Using behavioural hot spots for positive and at-risk behaviour
  • Next steps to create a behavioural interaction habit